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October 2014

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Fall Into Fun

Fall Into Fun!
Friday, October 31, 2013
6:30 – 8:00pm
Pearce 4 Kids and Pearce Church Children’s Ministries will together be hosting our 3rd Annual Fall Into Fun event on Friday, October 31 in our Family Life Center (better known to your children as “the big gym”). Families will enjoy games, crafts, THREE inflatable bounce houses, food, fun, and of course, CANDY! Come as you are or come (children and adults) dressed as your favorite, non-scary and non-violent, character. There is no sign up or fee for this event but if you would like to help by donating a bag of candy you may drop that off at the receptionist desk any time between now and October 20.


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Staff Spotlight on….Katie Lee               

Katie Lee is our new 4 year old day care teacher (orange room) but she certainly  is not new to Pearce 4 Kids. Katie worked in the after school program from 2008 through January of 2013 while a student at Roberts Wesleyan College and for a brief time after graduation. She served primarily in the after school program but often helped in the P4K Office and subbed occasionally in the day care as well. She is a New York certified teacher and is currently working on her masters degree in literacy at RWC with plans to graduate in December of this year (but no plans to leave P4K at that time!!).
In August of 2013 Katie returned to P4K as an assistant teacher in the two year old class and worked in that room until September of this year when she became lead teacher in the Orange 4 year old classroom. Here is Katie in her own words:
“I have been working in child care since I was 16 and have always enjoyed it. Most recently, before coming back to Pearce 4 Kids, I was a co-lead in a four year old day care classroom as well as a Pre-K curriculum designer.
I have lived in Corn Hill with my dog, Peanut, for the last 2 years. My parents live in Rochester, as well a many of my extended family, and we get together often, especially during Syracuse ball season! My parents and I enjoy walking our dogs together, going to the public market, and playing games. I have one sister and she is currently attending Eastern University outside of Philly.
I enjoy the supportive, caring community I get to be a part of at P4K. We are made up of a great group of staff and wonderful families. I love that I get to watch children grow and learn something new each day. Having a child experience something for the first time or gain a new hobby because of experiences in our class is a wonderful feeling. I love that on a daily basis I get to see the world through a child’s perspective.”
We are blessed to have Katie as part of our P4K staff family. It has been a joy to watch her “grow up” over the years and fulfill her dream of becoming an early childhood educator.


A Day in the life of the Nursery School Classes
Nursery School is often a child’s first introduction to “school” as well as their first real regularly scheduled time away from home and into a structured classroom setting. Every fall Sue Smout and her staff lovingly welcome little ones into their classroom where they are slowly but methodically prepared, over the course of a year or two, for Kindergarten. When asked about what a day in her classroom looks like, Sue responded with the following description of a “normal day”….

At the beginning of the class, as children arrive, they are asked to choose a table and play with table toys. This not only gives the children something to do while they wait for all of their friends to arrive, but the table toys are specifically chosen to increase fine motor muscle development. Once all of the children have arrived we have our first circle time. Circle time is significant as it teaches children how to sit in a group and learn to take turns talking, use listening skills and follow directions. I typically use this circle time to sing songs, teach finger plays and tell stories. Something I am excited to incorporate this year is the “smart TV” in our room. We now have access to the Internet via our TV and I can add new video components to our circle time. For example, recently we watched a Sesame Street podcast on the letter “L”, a National Geographic clip about the monarch butterfly life cycle and heard a reading of Eric Carle’s book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The technology has opened many more options for teaching and is giving children new experiences in the classroom.
After our first circle time the day looks a little different for my 3 year old classes and my 4 year old classes. At this point in the day my 3 year old classes engage in playtime and project time. Because the 3 year olds need a little extra help on projects some of them have playtime while an adult helps others with the daily project. As soon as everyone has had a chance to play and do a project, we move to the next part of our day.
The 4 year old class uses the time after circle time to work in centers. Those centers revolve around reading, writing and math readiness. The children think they are playing but they are really engaged in very specific centers with specific academic goals. Most often the children work in small groups at their centers so are also learning cooperation and problem solving skills. After their center time, the 4 year old class will work on an art project and have free play as they finish their art project.

Once centers, projects and free time are completed we move in to our second circle time. This time the children are engaged in show-and-tell, a discussion about the class jobs for the day, listening to a Bible story and more singing. We have a quick snack before heading to the playground or the gym so that we can get all of the wiggles out before being picked up for the day to go home.
I began teaching preschool in 1994 and it is interesting how my job has changed over the years. In the early years, we spent most of the day in free play with a story, snack and outside play or games in the rec room. Kindergarten in the public schools was only half day and reading readiness was left to Kindergarten as actual reading did not really start until 1st grade. Over the last 10+ years, with the change in the academic readiness expectations on children who are entering Kindergarten, our job to prepare children for school has become much more academic. I am confident that we have adjusted Nursery School to meet those requirements while at the same time maintaining my original goal for the children which is to help them understand that school is fun and to build confidence in themselves and their abilities.”

 Join the Conversation

In October, Pearce will begin hosting Lifetree Café in our Common Grounds Café. Lifetree Café is a scheduled hour of “stories and conversations” to feed the soul, typically including a short original film and guided conversation. Opening night, a soft launch, will be Thursday, October 9. The issue to be discussed that evening is “Allergic to Food,” a look at the challenges of coping with food allergies. The film for that evening features an interview with nutritionist Nicole Eckman and provides a glimpse into the life of a woman coping with Celiac Disease. In the following weeks of October, topics will include “The Bible: Real? Relevant? Reliable?,” “Living a Lie: The Perils of a Double Life,” and “Zombies! What’s the Fascination?”

The goal of Lifetree Café, according to founder Thom Schultz, is “to engage people of all ages in a national conversation through local Lifetree Cafés.” Pearce will be the third site in the Rochester area to provide this ministry. For more information on Lifetree Cafés, check out their website at lifetreecafe.com. Pearce’s Lifetree Café will be offered at 7pm on Thursdays in the Common Grounds Café. 

P4K Staff…..after hours       

It’s always a little amusing when we (P4K staff) see children outside of P4K in places like, for example, the grocery store. They always look at us like they are puzzled why we are out of the hallowed halls of Pearce 4 Kids!! While many of the P4K staff attend college, others have families and even other jobs they head off to after we close at 6pm. Once a month however, the P4K staff have on-site training on a variety topics such as principles of child development, health & safety issues, child abuse ID and prevention, program development ideas, and nutrition and health needs in day care. In September we had an evening training on New York State Office of Children & Family Services Regulations for Day Care. What could have been a very dry topic that would be hard to sit through was made fun by our trainer, Marianne Dambra with the Early Childhood Education Network of Rochester. The staff enjoyed competing in a Jeopardy game, with the winning team members each receiving a copy of Marianne’s Cool Cooking with Kids book. Twenty-eight of the staff attended the evening and walked away with a better understanding of the state day care regulations.

Opt In          
If you haven’t already done so, be sure to sign up for our texting service. Text messaging will be one of our primary means of communicating closings and emergency information. We suggest that you “opt in” to each program in which you have children involved. Besides our text messaging system, information about closings and emergencies will be posted to local television stations (13 WHAM, YNN, WROC, WHEC), WHAM 1180 and the P4K and Pearce Church websites and Facebook pages.
Instructions for opting in to our messaging system are as follows (or see the instruction sheet in the “Quick Links” above):
Text the keyword(s) below to number 292929:

Day Care:  pearce4kids.daycare
Nursery School:  pearce4kids.ns
Pre-Kindergarten:  pearce4kids.prek
Before/After School:  pearce4kids.schoolage
Summer Camp:  pearce4kids.summercamp

Opt out by texting the word STOP to number 292929.

 Supper @ Pearce

Wednesday Night Savory Suppers @ Pearce

Wednesdays, September 10 – October 22
A buffet-style dinner is served for the community on Wednesdays between 4:30 – 6:15pm in the Family Life Center (gym). Reservations are required by noon on Monday for the reduced suggested donation cost. Reservations may be made by calling the church office at 594-9488 or advising the receptionist when you drop off or pick up your child.

Suggested donations for dinner are as follows:

$7.00 for adults – reserved by noon on Monday

$7.50 for adults – at the door for adults

$4.00 for children under 12 years

Free for children under 5 years.

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Lydia Monroe, P4K Executive Director
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