Nursery School/Pre-K


Since 1968 Pearce Memorial Church has offered Nursery School, and in recent years Pre-Kindergarten, as a means for children to be involved in experiences that nurture their spiritual, mental, social and physical development. Through these activities, we partner with parents in leading children in their transition from home to school life. Pearce 4 Kids Nursery School and Pre-K is a non-profit organization and open to families regardless of sex, race, religion or national origin.

Overview and Parent Information

The Nursery School and Pre-K is designed to accommodate a maximum of 18 children in class per session. Our daily schedule is flexible enough to meet the individual needs and interests of each child. Children will learn through play and discovery as well as through more structured teaching times.

Our classrooms are equipped with age- appropriate equipment such as blocks, toys, housekeeping centers, reading centers, educational games, toys and puzzles, and computers with age-appropriate educational games. We have several areas for active play which include a fenced-in outdoor playground, a large indoor gymnasium, and a smaller recreation room.

Parent Involvement: We encourage parent involvement in our programs. Areas specifically designed to include parents are:

  • Fall Orientation
  • Opportunities to volunteer in the classroom
  • Class Newsletters
  • P4K Newsletters
  • Special family events held for all P4K families throughout the year
  • Parent/Teacher conferences

Daily interactions with teachers at drop off and pick up times in the room